How to Decorate a Modest Kitchen

Modest kitchens should understand the allotted apace they’ve been given. They’re all about a clean, crisp look. This doesn’t mean you can’t introduce your personality within the space. Just be aware of the space limitations you are working within.

Neutral colors continue to win over the hearts of homeowners. They’re the perfect choice for smaller kitchens as they create the illusion of more space. We love the look of white cabinets which help extend the height and width of your walls. For your minimal accessories, try incorporating greens, browns and grays into the space. Choose black accents and outlines to pop against the white. Also, a burst of red will add a refreshing, modern feel.

If you’re looking to create a contemporary feel, then stainless steel appliances are the way to go. These appliances give a sleek look that’s sharp and clean. What’s so great about stainless steel is how well they blend into neutral kitchens.

Now, our favorite design feature for a modest kitchen is the backsplash. Serving as the focal point of the entire space, kitchen backsplashes are a great decorating element for small spaces since they are clutter free. There are numerous material options to select from, including tile, wood, stone, granite and porcelain. We love the burst of color and shine that comes from a chic glass backsplash, or a creative mosaic made from tiny tile pieces.

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