Designing A Happy Home On Kitty Lane

After Photo

When it comes to the initial discussions of kitchen design, there are some homeowners who haven’t really thought about what they want and others who definitely have. Jean falls in this second category, having given plenty of thought to exactly what she wanted in her kitchen.


Before Photo

Our designer Amy went on a visit to Kitty Lane to speak with Jean about custom cabinetry. Amy soon learned that Jean wanted white French Vanilla cabinets, a butcher block, soapstone countertops and a height functional dishwasher. In her original kitchen she had a hole, but no dishwasher. Jean made it clear that she didn’t want to bend down and that the kitchen was going to be all about her and comfort. Well Jean, we couldn’t agree more with you there. A kitchen should cater to the homeowner’s needs and wants. Amy planned to raise the dishwasher off of the floor so there was no back-breaking hassle. To this day this feature is one of Jean’s favorite parts of the kitchen.


Another obstacle that needed to be overcome was to have more counter surface for Jean’s work stations. To achieve this we relocated the stove and the refrigerator to allow a prep surface between the range & the sink and also worked in a Booz butcher block that was a must have! By moving the appliances to other locations, we created more nooks for storage. We built in the refrigerator with a turned pantry to store brooms and box food items.


After the range was relocated across the room, the old vent was removed and mid-install Jean cleverly decided to turn this ordinary hole into a focal point in her kitchen. She had a port hole shipped over night for the installer to put in the very next day. This is another part of Jean’s kitchen that is unique to her.


Jean says, “My new Kitchen has changed my life! No more messes on the counters or sink! A place for everything, a bread drawer, cutlery drawer, lazy susans, a broom closet and pantry! Just fantastic! So totally NOT out of the box! Beautiful!”


Thank you Jean! Also, thank you Amy for assisting with the layout and design of this eclectic and beautiful kitchen!


One response to “Designing A Happy Home On Kitty Lane

  1. Oh my goodness!! Looking at that before picture is crazy!!!! Thank you again so much to all of CCW for my wonderful kitchen!!! Amy was a pleasure to work with and with her knowledge and excellance with a tape measure, we got the kitchen of my dreams!! :)

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