How To Decorate With Textures

Texture is everything and can play a vital role in how you layer the look and feel of a space in your home. Just remember that moderation is key. Knowing where to start is important, but so is knowing when to stop.

Decide a Look


Hewn wooden ceiling beams are accented by a weathered-wood farm table.

Do you want a cozy look and feel? Then select woods, plush fabrics, woven surfaces and natural fabrics for the floors and surfaces to add texture to a room. However if a streamlined look is what you want, then introduce lacquer, plastics, metals and glass. Just remember that balance is key. The best rooms have a perfect mix of both.

Introduce Nature


Thick, twisty tree branch and vase filled with freshly cut winding twigs.

Nature can play an interesting role in the home. It’s the perfect place to draw inspiration. Try using shells, stones, horns, feathers, and the unexpected, like cotton blossoms and birch branches, as decorative objects.

Make it an Accent

Leather Ceiling Tiles

Replace your accent colors with textures and surfaces. Texture can be used in place of color in a monochromatic scheme. And don’t forget the walls. Whether you include high-gloss paints, shell, leather wall tiles or Venetian plaster… walls are a great surface to play up texture.

Adjust the Lights


Relaxing Den

Your lighting scheme is just as crucial as the textural surfaces you add. Be aware of the materials and objects that reflect light or create visually interesting shadows.

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