Kitchen Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

When starting a kitchen renovation, there are numerous design and cabinetry options from which homeowners may choose. The trick is to differentiate the elements that will benefit your space from those that are design don’ts.

Don’t Be Boring

A kitchen is more than a room with cabinets and appliances. It’s a space where you should entertain and show off your personality. Add in elements that introduce spirit, such as a creative backsplash or colorful accents & decor.

Don’t Showoff the Stainless

Stainless appliances are an excellent choice for the kitchen, but their shiny surface could hurt your overall look. Create a warm and inviting space by covering appliances with panels that match your cabinets. The look brings balance and harmony to the space.

Don’t Go Cabinet Crazy

Your kitchen should have an adequate amount of cabinets, but there’s no need to fill the entire space with them. Doing so will make the heart of your home look cluttered and claustrophobic. A good layout is a balancing act between storage, function and aesthetics. For starters, add room to breathe by keeping the area above the sink clear. You can also mix things up with open shelves and glass door cabinets.

Don’t Forget Quality

A kitchen renovation isn’t something a homeowner wants to do annually. The result is meant to last for years to come. Choosing cheaper materials from cabinets to hardware may cause deterioration early on after everyday use. Get materials that are strong and attractive, preferably with lifetime warranties.

For more information on kitchen don’ts, visit our resource center for “25 Most Common Mistakes.”

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